About Us

About Us


Saudi Ozone Company is a company subject to all official procedures. It is a national company engaged in many industrial service fields with a view to achieve an added value in the industrial sector. Part of its concerns is to establish a laboratory for Ozone and execute and operate industrial and trade projects whereby it aims to limit pollution and the spread of bacteria and germs as well as saving a lot of time wasted, funds and effort exerted in other methods for the eradication of pollution and bacteria and to concentrate on upgrading quality in performance and reasonable cost. This can be achieved by new services which are beneficial to the environment and the community. The Saudi Ozone Company aims primarily to support the Kingdom's policy by achieving the partnership between government and private sectors as well as airports and service areas by attracting all that is new in the field of industrial Ozone and laboratories on scientific and methodical basis.

Company Activities in the Industrial Section:

- Management and execution of ozone environmental and industrial projects

- Providing consultations in the field of industrial ozone

- Sale of ozone industrial equipment for sterilization and eradication of pollution - Management and operation of industrial ozone laboratories

- To sterilize pollution in sewer waste water – water – food – soil.

Contracted Industrial Companies Worldwide:

The Saudi Ozone Company concluded contracts with more than 17 industrial companies in the field of import and sale of industrial ozone equipment from all over the world. They are specialized in all fields (sewer – water – air – soil) and others in North African countries, Europe and America.

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